Looking for a few summer decor ideas to update your home’s look? As promised in our “Designer-Approved Tips for Decorating Your Outdoor Living Spaces” post, DKOR’s top interior designers have prepared shoppable summer-inspired rooms to spark your creativity.

Summer’s all about easy, breezy entertaining in relaxing spaces that let you focus on making memories with family and friends. So sit back, and allow our designers to share their favorite summer decor ideas to lighten up your spaces for the hottest season of the year.

But how, you ask? The key is lots of texture and organic materials!

Summer Decor Ideas -Living Space

This modern-coastal look our designers have prepared is timeless, thanks to earth tones and natural materials, while still being very of-the-moment. But the best news of all is that this space won’t break the bank.

The beautiful Infiniti Curve Back Sofa from Crate & Barrel sets the stage for the space, lending a softness that allows other elements to be a bit rougher and natural. It’s so on trend, too. We spotted curvy lines all over High Point Market back in April.

The coffee table is eye-catchingly natural, and its round shape complements the curved sofa perfectly. No seating arrangement is complete without a second chair, and we love this organic, textured, neutral chair from CB2.

But the star of the show, beyond a doubt, is the Archer Black Pendant from CB2. It mimics the natural fibers on the accent chair, but stands out because of its deep black hue. The cage is wicker woven into a wave design—and it’s sure to be a showstopper.

No space is complete without the perfect, stylish accessories to round out the design. We love the Nadu Brown Agate Side Table from CB2. The interesting stone top sits on an antique iron frame, creating a stunning piece that can be moved around to whoever needs to set their drink down.

We always suggest being bold with your easy-to-replace, budget-friendly accessories, so our design team brought in some bright hues on the pillows, grouping of goldfish wall hangings, and area rug.

Greenery brings vitality to any space, but it’s important to have the right vessel for your plants. The charming small stoneware planter is the right size to be perched atop the coffee table, and its orange hue mirrors those in the rug and pillows.

Stay tuned for even more summer decor ideas from our interior design team. Is there a particular style or trend you’re excited to see? We’d love to know what you’re dreaming of putting in your home, so don’t be shy! Let us know in the comments below.


Modern Coastal Look – Selections

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